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As you navigate your journey to learn the Olympic lifts you'll be faced with many obstacles. One of those obstacles is finding good equipment and space. We've all experienced a bar that doesn't spin, and spaces that tell you not to drop the bumper weights. 


Your search is over...


Located just off Hilliard-Rome Road, our newly fitted training hall has KG Olympic Equipment, 9 lifting platforms, jerk boxes, pulling blocks, and squat stands all in an isolated 2,000 square feet of training space making us the premier Olympic Weightlifting facility in Columbus.

Our Coaches

Meet Our Incredible Coaches

Have you ever had multiple coaches tell you different things only to confuse you? We have too...


That is why the coaches at Project Lift operate as a team. They understand what your goals are and what you need. So all the coaching you received is aimed at helping you reach success.

Chelsea Neeley

Chelsea brings strong strength and conditioning experience to the gym. As a coach, Chelsea is a program developer for multiple strength and fitness gyms in the city and has helped our athletes find the right mix to reach their goals. As an athlete, Chelsea has competed at multiple local competitions.

Chelsea Dillon

Chelsea is a co-owner of Project Lift and 16 year veteran of Olympic weightlifting. As a coach, Chelsea has built Project Lift’s National team and designed all of the programmings for both our online and in-house athletes. As an athlete, Chelsea has been on 4 international teams, (insert medal and places in bigger meets)

Drew Dillon

Drew is a co-owner or Project Lift and 14 year veteran of coaching athletes. As a coach, Drew has been a personal coach at the 2015 World Championship and has helped 2012 Olympian Holley Mangold through training from 2011 to 2016. He has also led multiple athletes to national competitions. As an athlete, Drew placed his highest of 4th at a national competition.

Todd Everett

Todd brings passion to everything he does. As a coach, Todd has a background in CrossFit, Kids programming, Gymnastics and Weightlifting. Starting a successful weightlifting program in Powell, he now brings his expertise to the athletes at Project Lift.

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