Competitions at Project Lift

Perfect for your first meet or a training meet!

As an athlete competing in weightlifting you want to do your best when it is time to compete. But, let's face it, that doesn't always happen.


To get better at competitions you need to practice in competitions. 


That is we hold small competitions throughout the year. To give you opportunities to compete. You’ll have a blast because we’ve created a non-intimidating environment in order to learn and gain valuable competition experience.


You’ll have new motivation in the gym due to having something more to train for than just training.


Our meets are perfect for qualifications, practicing competing and first time competitions. We'll see you there!

More about the competitions:

  • Open to any USAW member (these are sanctioned competitions) of any skill level. (Not a USAW member yet? Sign up here!)
  • Meets will consistent of 1 session of Women and 1 session of Men; 20 people per session max. (We pride ourselves in keeping competitions running on time with adequate warm up space)
  • Women will weigh in at 10 am and Lift at 12 pm, and Men will weigh in at 12 pm and Lift at 2 pm (Men’s session is subject to be pushed back by 30 minutes based on final entries. A final schedule and start times will be e-mailed to athletes 1 week prior to the competition).
  • Once you purchase your slot, you will receive a follow-up email to complete your Registration.

The Schedule

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