One-on-One Coaching

Personal Attention for Big Results

The Olympic lifts are complex movements. So many athlete are taught these movements in a group setting that often ends in confusion. 


What you need is one-on-one attention. Our one-on-one sessions help athletes address and improve on specific issues. Get your questions answered, learn and know you're doing it right!

Team Training

Individualized Training in a Team Environment

To get better at the Olympic lifts you need a program that addresses your needs and a coach's eye on you. Many athletes never get these two things and continue to remain stagnate.  


Our team training provides both! A program designed based on your needs and a coach who is there to guide you. Join the team and start improving today.


(NOTE: If you’re brand new to Project Lift you must complete our Start Up One-on-One sessions to gain access to our team training)

Athletic Performance

Build Your Foundation for All Sports

As an athlete, speed, explosiveness and strength are often what win competitions. Weightlifting provides speed, explosiveness and strength if done well.


What you need is a coach. At Project Lift we guide athletes into becoming stronger, faster and more explosive for their sport.


(NOTE: If you’re brand new to Project Lift you must complete our Start Up One-on-One session to gain access to our athletic performance training)

"I would definitely say that learning how to properly lift will make you a better CrossFit athlete."

Roy Manley

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