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Lift More Weight | Feel Solid in Your Body | Eliminate Pain

Is this REALLY your maximum potential?

    • Are you feeling frustration mixed with bouts of anger toward your training?
    • Unsure why your body has the same recurring pains?
    • Do you push yourself only to get hurt?
    • Are you unbalanced and have no idea how to correct it?
    • Has quitting crossed your mind?
    • Feel like you should be further along in your progress?

When you get your body working with itself you will be amazed how easily strength is built. You’ve tried doing more, now it is time to do better. We will teach you.

Let your next PR feel easy

Tommy Tran

What will you get from Vital Strength?

Lift more weight:

When you train your body to work with itself you are able to apply more force in your movements. Your muscles will be in sync and you’ll feel how your muscles work together when they’re in sync. You’ll be creating more force and able to lift heavier weights whenever you choose!


Feel Solid in Your Body:

Gain access to a new level of abilities with your body in and out of training. When you’re uncertain about your body, your movement and your abilities you hesitate. As you feel and are able to control your body with a new found strength you’ll become more solid in your body than ever before!


Eliminate Pain:

A body that works with itself is a body that can do anything you ask of it. Pain is eliminated for athletes going through this process. When your body and muscles are in sync working together many of the pains you feel become a thing of the past. Step into your life without pain!

How your body is "supposed" to feel

“After going through several classes, I started to figure out how the joints are supposed to move and how to control them. I felt my entire shoulder "unlock" and move as a unit -- no pain, more secure, like it was "supposed" to feel. Now my working weight is much heavier - almost what my previous 1RM was before.” 

Greg Watts

You’re 3 Steps Away from

Vital Strength

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Try out vital strength with no risk! You’ll learn, move, and experience training in a different way. A way that will lead to more strength and control.

Commit to the Process



Showing up at least 3 times a week over the course of three months will build a solid starting foundation.

Embrace your body, strength and movement!


Welcome to a life where your body is your greatest asset. Able to support you in any endeavor with vital strength.

Smash your goals too...

Michael Baltic

“I can prevent future injuries, and push myself harder, now that I know my body is capable of things I never imagined before. Finally, I am just more patient and accepting of my body. Give it what it needs, and it will let you smash your goals!

Your Strongest Self is Right Around the Corner

Weightlifting culture believes more is better. 


More weight

more reps

more sets

and more volume...


So why do we find ourselves stuck

with nagging pain and stagnant progress? 


Because more is not always better…


Better is better 


Training should give you full access to your body.

You should be able to have control of your

movements with confidence rather than

be beat down by setbacks and poor results. 


We’ve helped hundreds of athletes

go from doing more to doing better. 


We will guide you to having full access

and control of your body. 


It is simple, fun and will result in a

stronger, solid, pain-free version of you!


It is SO easy

Niki Long

Answer Your Body's Call to Be Better

Are you tired of the same results and the same nagging pains?

Do you want to get stronger, feel solid in your body and kick pain to the curb?


Then the time is now, and with a free trial you have nothing to lose!

Step into your vital strength!

Time to break your cycle

Jessie Fisher

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